SkywhaleExpress 15 Posted 06 March — В бою в чат бывает что-то и нужно ляпнуть. The source code is open and available from the author. These guys have the potential to carry an entire team, even while unflighted. Благодаря данной модификации вы сможете прямо из боя знать сколько времени вы уже воюете. Community Forum Software by IP.

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This mod allows you to see a personal rating representing the skill of each player directly in the battle interface. This rating is calculated following a fairly complex and comprehensive formula.

Хрюномод » Моды для World of Warplanes

The result is a number from zero to eight. It means that for now the best known player is rated «8. You can easily compare your skill to the skill of your adversary and act accordingly.

The source code is open and available from the author. This mod can operate either separately or as a part of hryumomod mods.

Hdyunomod is fast, simple, reliable and secure. Unzip to the game folder. Mod Pak for WoWp 2.

Hryunomod v.2.0 WoWP v.1.5.1

DrSinister, on 06 March — I asked the same thing in RU forums, because I spent a lot of time making my Icon mod awhile back which I have to fix now since it uses tga not png now, but that is another issue lol and I use the Rating System, for now I can use both, just wont have the color coding.

Until you do make make that work I will just have to suffice with no color or learn how to recode SWF lol. Thanks for this, really like the packaging and will be loading this up and trying it out with the new worlv. I consider these players to be average to slightly above average I consider these players to be a significant to dominating threat to our team.


Хрюномод для World of Warplanes

These guys have hryunojod potential to carry an entire team, even while unflighted. They are an extreme threat to your victory chance. Air Raid 8 Champions — BrushFyre. Has anyone installed this?

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Any conflicts with up-grade? None what so ever Thoughts on ease of use?

This mod was created in collaboration with project http: I am working on creating a config file to allow users to change colors. NixJaeger, on 06 March — I am soon to update my UIHelper.

Хрюномод для World of Warplanes 1.9.11

So perhaps if you read our posts instead of the title warplaane click download, you will get what you need. Yet again, you have shown a complete disrespect for us Here is my updated one with damage. Some of us fancy bomb and rocket kills.

Copy your original UIHelper. In spoiler, my GA Conscious one Ground targets without a divisorand in quote. Unzip to the game folder and run hryunomod. Wait until the black window closes. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Hryunomod Started by hryuunMar 06 Sandman 2 Posted 06 March — Sweet, you color coded it. I was waiting for that.

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You can use this folder for other mods too. DrSinister 4 Posted 06 March — DrSinister 6 Posted 06 March — SkywhaleExpress 9 Posted 06 March — Can you help us change the color of player stata?

Many of us are used to the following schema for the colors: How I determine threat factor: Edited by RocketSpammer1, 06 March — Keulz 10 Posted 06 March — Yes Any conflicts with up-grade?


SkywhaleExpress 14 Posted 06 March — SkywhaleExpress 15 Posted 06 March — Also, I use my own UIHelper. NixJaeger 16 Posted 06 March — Could you guys give the specific file path and or directions on how to install just the «XVM» type mod please??

And also start including these directions in your downloads as they would help most users actually use them and not get frustrated and possibly screw up their whole game and have to completely reinstall.

SkywhaleExpress 17 Posted 06 March — NixJaeger 18 Posted 06 March — I have read every post in this thread and on the website where the Hryunomod was posted and it does not give clear instructions on how to install ONLY the skill indicator mod. So instead of giving a smart ss answer, the professional and helpful thing to do would be to give a bit more specific instructions because not everyone is a Mr.

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